Assessment results success

Today, 2,666 pre-registration pharmacists received the results of their registration assessment with a pass rate of 88.2%.

Congratulations to everyone who's passed the assessment this year. This is an incredible achievement in light of COVID-19.

We'd like to say a big 'thank you' for your hard work and dedication over the past year, balancing the pressures of preparing for the exam whilst making important contributions to patient care during the pandemic.

If you didn’t pass the exam this time around, we'll be extending your RPS membership free of charge, so you’ll still have access to all the support we offer.

The GPhC have set up a review of the assessment process and we will engage with that, so that lessons can be learned for future.

Sandra Gidley, President of RPS, said:

“Congratulations to all those who have passed their pre-registration assessment this year. Considering the unusual circumstances presented by the pandemic, this is an outstanding achievement and we at the RPS are very proud of the commitment shown by all trainee pharmacists in preparing for the exam.

“If you didn’t get the result you were hoping for, try not to be downhearted. We are here to help and will support you in the best way we can to help you become a fully-qualified pharmacist.

“We must continue to support and protect our pharmacists for the future and we’ll be working hard with the GPhC to address the challenges of this year’s assessment. We’d now like to see more information on the pass rates of those who took the exam remotely and in person in exam centres, as this will continue to be a model for the assessment going forward.”

Sean Brannen, President of the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, said:

“The BPSA is proud of every candidate that put themselves forward to sit the assessment in March, they did so in the most challenging of circumstances.  Each one of these candidates has made an incredible contribution to the profession and we wish them all the very best of luck today.

“We hope that a huge majority will be receiving positive news and for those that don't receive the news they were hoping for, we will continue to seek opportunities to help them succeed at their next attempt.”

We’re offering half-price membership to all newly qualified pharmacists and running a free webinar on Wednesday 5 May on planning your next steps for everyone who didn't pass this time, giving you support on what you need to do between now and the re-sit in July. 

Need some extra help? You can talk to our One-to-One Support Team for careers advice if you have issues around employment or any other queries related to the exam.

The charity Pharmacist Support also have some useful resources to help with your emotional wellbeing during what may be a stressful time.

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