Countdown to the Falsified Medicines Directive

Biggest change to supply chain in decades

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) legislation comes into force on 9th February, affecting every pharmacist in the NHS and private sector who dispenses, handles or supplies prescription only medicines, and the entire supply chain.

We’ve produced a special online pharmacy guide to FMD to help you understand quickly and easily what you need to know and what to do. 

FMD will help prevent counterfeit medicines entering the medicines supply chain across Europe. It will enable manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and everyone who supplies medicines to patients to verify the authenticity of a medicine. There will be new security features on individual packs and a new electronic scanning process at the point of dispensing.

The guide provides advice for members working in community, hospital, homecare, GP practices and pharmacists with a wholesaler dealers licence. It outlines:

  • FMD requirements in practice
  • Practical FMD guidance for pharmacists
  • Professional dilemmas that could be faced in practice
  • FMD requirements by sector - signposting to further guidance, resources and FAQs

We have been working with partners since 2011 on implementation challenges for FMD to ensure it works in accordance with UK law and ensures patient safety, whilst minimising disruption to existing pharmacy practise.

If you have any questions about what’s in the pharmacy FMD guide, please get in touch with our Support Team on 0845 257 2570 or email [email protected]


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