Developing an Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge

The progress we’re making on inclusion and diversity and workforce wellbeing aims to improve the lives of pharmacists and pharmacy teams.

As we develop our Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge, we’ve been hearing first-hand from people about the issues that affect them, the challenges they face, and what needs to change.

A series of focus groups, open to member and non-members, as well as our Action in Belonging, Culture and Diversity (ABCD) and Workforce Wellbeing Action Groups, have highlighted key issues such as culture, leadership, working practices and support.

We’ve also been hearing from stakeholders that will be crucial to making change happen on the ground, bringing together more than 20 organisations from across the profession including unions, employers, the NHS, regulators, pharmacy schools and students.

We’ll be building on what we’ve heard so far as we move into the next phase of developing the pledge.

Find out more about how you can get involved with our ABCD group and Workforce Wellbeing Action Group.

RPS President Sandra Gidley said:

“Whether it’s sharing best practice or hearing people’s stories about challenges they’ve faced, the engagement we’ve seen so far from across the pharmacy profession shows just how close inclusion and wellbeing are to people’s hearts.

“We’ll be taking what we’ve learned as we help shape the Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge, talking to stakeholders and listening to the profession.

“With everyone’s support, the Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge will be one step on a journey towards embracing and celebrating the diversity of the profession, making it more inclusive and ensuring that everyone’s wellbeing is supported.”