Helping you with the summary care record

Access to the summary care record is changing everyday practise - and we can help you

Today 95% of community pharmacists have access to the summary care record (SCR), and 97% of patients have a summary care record. Use of summary care records is now taken into account through the new Quality Payments scheme, which can be worth up to £1,280 to your pharmacy.

The SCR is changing everyday practice and the RPS quick reference guide on the SCR walks you through when to access the record. It also has a great decision-making tool to help your professional judgement. NHS Digital has helpful information for community pharmacists too and CPPE’s training module is still available.

Patients all over England now receive better, safer care through pharmacists looking at their SCR, and we are proud to have played a key role in making this happen. And we aren’t stopping there.

We are now campaigning for pharmacists IT systems to be able to ‘talk to’ other primary care IT systems – the buzzword is ‘interoperability’ – so we can make changes to the patient’s record after treating them, help optimise the use of medicines and deliver better integrated patient care through shared access to one patient record. 

RPS will keep pressing the case and working on your behalf to ensure pharmacists can fulfil their true abilities as the experts in medicines.

Your support is vital to help us drive the interests of the profession and patients forward and it’s a privilege to be working on your behalf.