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MHRA Device Safety Information: Counterfeits and unbranded copies of LifeVac anti-choking devices may fail to work correctly or worsen choking incidents if used

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued Device Safety information for counterfeits and unbranded copies of LifeVac anti-choking devices.

Anti-choking devices are intended to alleviate choking incidents after Basic Life Support protocols have been attempted and failed. There are numerous counterfeit and unbranded anti-choking devices being sold in the UK online which do not have a valid UKCA or CE mark and may pose a significant risk of worsening choking if used. These devices should not be used in the event of a choking emergency and should be disposed of once identified as counterfeit or non-compliant.

Further information and actions can be found on the MHRA website.


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