Meeting of the RPS Assembly: Participation and communications review from Luther Pendragon

In April 2022 we committed to an independent review of member participation and RPS communications concerning decisions we take on behalf of the profession through our Governance boards.

The scope of this review, undertaken by Luther Pendragon, included:


  • Our members feel appropriately engaged, informed and empowered to influence decisions around pharmacy policy and the work of the RPS taken by those elected to represent them  
  • Our members understand what and why decisions around organisational policy have been taken on their behalf by elected representatives.  


  • Our decision-making processes are open and transparent with an emphasis on evidence based decision-making
  • Definition, criteria and purpose of open, confidential and restricted business is understood by our members, elected members and stakeholders.


  • Our elected members are enabled to be publicly accountable about decisions taken by the organisation at National Country Board and Assembly level.
  • A comprehensive review of the communications from our organisation, ensuring we proactively engage members in pharmacy policy decisions taken by RPS

We will be publishing this review in full on Friday 7 October on our website and invite members to observe a presentation of the findings at a virtual meeting of the RPS Assembly on the 7 October at 1PM

Chair: RPS President Claire Anderson FRPharmS

Objective of meeting: to hear a presentation of the findings of the review into participation and communications from Luther Pendragon


13.00 - Presentation from Luther Pendragon

13.30 - Questions from Assembly members

14.30 - Close  

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