Missed out on the RPS AGM? Read the highlights here

Wednesday might have been the hottest day of the year to date, but the highlight for us was seeing so many members participating in our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Chaired by RPS President Sandra Gidley, this year marked the 11th AGM, and the first time it has been held virtually. 189 members registered to attend, with a fantastic turnout of 127 on the evening.

The agenda offered those participating the opportunity to hear how we continued to put pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare in 2019, and lived up to our promise of being inspiring, empathetic and relevant for our members. Paul Bennett, Chief Executive, shared insight on the performance of a few of our priorities in 2019 including wellbeing, inclusion and diversity and growing our digital offering. Mahendra Patel, RPS Treasurer and Jon Jarrett, Head of Finance, provided details on the 2019 financial statements. Attendees were encouraged to engage and ask questions through a live Q&A session.

As always, ahead of the meeting members were invited to submit motions for discussion as part of the agenda. This year, two motions were discussed and put to a vote. The first motion, moved by Hayley Gorton, stated that the “RPS AGM should always be conducted remotely so that members from all geographical locations have the reasonable opportunity to attend”. Sandra Gidley highlighted the commitment of the RPS to enable remote access to the AGM in future. A commitment that was approved by Assembly in November 2019 and is now part of the Regulations.

The second motion, moved by Nahim Kahn, stated “I propose that pharmacist members of the consultant approval panels must be RPS members”. With 70% of eligible members voting ‘For’ the motion, this will now go on to be considered during open business at the next Assembly meeting.

We’d like to thank all those members who took the time to engage with this year’s AGM. With our commitment to continue to offer remote access the meeting in future, we hope to see many more participating in the discussions next year.

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