New essential guides on FYFV & NHS Mandate 2017/18

Two new guides to help you understand the Next Steps on the FYFV & NHS Mandate.

Flummoxed by FYFV? Mystified by the mandate?

We’ve created two new essential guides to help you understand the Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) and the NHS Mandate 2017/18.

The Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) essential guide talks about this recent publication which outlines a two year delivery plan and presents a whole system response to the many challenges currently facing the NHS, and follows on from the original publication of the Five Year Forward View in 2014.

The essential guide to the NHS Mandate 2017/18 explains the Government’s mandate to NHS England. It’s published annually by the Secretary of State for Health and sets out the Government’s objectives for NHS England, as well as its budget.

These handy guides will describe more about what these publications are, what they mean for you as a pharmacist and how they’ll affect you, and what we are doing in response. 


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