Press Release

Pharmacist wins best practice award at RPS Scotland event

A pharmacist from NHS Tayside was the winner of a prestigious best practice award at an event yesterday which celebrated pharmacy practice across Scotland.

Organised by pharmacists’ professional leadership body, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Glasgow event brought together pharmacists from across the country to present their own best-practice examples. These included all sectors of pharmacy, including hospital, GP practices, community and specialist settings.

Delegates at the event were asked to vote for what they considered to be the winning example of best practice. Alex Matos, Specialist Clinical Pharmacist, won the award for his presentation on ‘Implementing Pharmacogenomics in the Stroke Service’.

Alex won a £500 bursary for travel and accommodation to Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s annual conference in London, where he has been invited to present on his best practice example.

Alex faced strong competition as nineteen cutting edge examples were shared at the event, including:

  • Pharmacist prescribing of antivirals for Covid.
  • Transforming hospital discharge through community pharmacy medicines supply.
  • Enhancing surgical capacity through Pharmacist remote consultations.
  • Pharmacist led mindfulness for pain.

The event’s theme of celebration was underpinned by RPS Scotland’s vision for the future of pharmacy, Pharmacy 2030.  In the afternoon, influential organisations from across Scotland with an interest in pharmacy, came together for an open discussion on how to achieve change to make the future vision a reality.

Speaking about the event, Clare Morrison, RPS Director for Scotland, said:

“Huge congratulations to Alex for presenting the winning example of best practice at yesterday’s event. His presentation was hugely impressive, as were all the fantastic examples shared from across Scotland.

It was great to meet with so many colleagues from around Scotland, and to share and celebrate their wonderful successes and innovations.

The atmosphere was terrific, and it was wonderful to see everyone being so enthusiastic about the hard work that pharmacists from across Scotland are engaged in to ensure excellent patient care.

“I’m really excited to utilise the collective enthusiasm and energy that we have seen today, in the coming weeks and months, as we work towards making our fantastic Pharmacy 2030 vision a reality.”