RCN and RPS work together to help patients make the most of their medicines

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Royal College of Nursing have jointly published a report to help patients make the most of their medicines.

Working together to help patients make the most of medicines was developed following on a collaborative event held by the two professional bodies in December. The report summarises drivers for improving patient care, reasons for patients not making the most of medicines and how the two professions can work together by overcoming barriers and sharing knowledge.

Nurses and pharmacists working together across Great Britain can help patients optimise their medicines use in order to: 

  • improve patients’ health and adherence to their medicines
  • reduce the incidence of medication errors, allergic reactions to medicines and delayed/missed doses of medicines
  • reduce medicines wastage
  • support the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • optimise medicines for care home residents

Read the report to find out how you can help patients get more from their medicines. 


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