Press Release

RPS England Chair responds to Budget

The RPS English Pharmacy Board Chair has responded to today's Budget, which highlighted the vaccination programme and the crucial role of pharmacists, announced a further investment in the NHS, and focused on life sciences. 

Commenting on the Autumn Budget and Spending Review, Thorrun Govind, Chair of the RPS in England, said: “Today’s Budget highlighted the vaccination programme as crucial to supporting the country’s recovery from COVID-19. Pharmacists across the health service have shown how they will be central to maximizing uptake of flu and COVID-19 vaccinations and, as we head into a challenging winter, the Government and NHS must ensure they get the support they need.

“Making a success of the Government’s planned investment in the NHS will now depend on supporting the whole of the health and care workforce to better manage growing demand across the health service. This must be backed by investment in pharmacy education and training to build on pharmacists’ clinical expertise to support patient care.

“Today’s announcement recognises the importance of a better-connected NHS to deliver the best care for patients. Investment in digital technology must include enabling read-write access for pharmacists to a health and care record, wherever they may work.

“We also saw a welcome focus on the UK’s position as a world leader in life sciences. There is a huge potential for innovations such as pharmacogenomics and, with the right support, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists will be central to leading the advancement and delivery of new therapies and technologies.”

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