RPS England welcomes greater use of pharmacists

RPS England has welcomed the news that Sajid Javid has announced an expansion of the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service.

NHS England is providing support to help practices use the new service and it will extend community pharmacy’s role in treating a range of minor illnesses.

As well as supporting patients, the NHS and GPs, it will further utilise the skills and knowledge of pharmacists and pharmacy teams.

Thorrun Govind, chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board, said: “Pharmacists across general practice and community pharmacy have played a vital role throughout the pandemic. I welcome the Health Secretary’s recognition of pharmacy teams’ dedication to patient care and their importance to the future of the health service.

“As we head into winter and look ahead to the NHS recovery, the Government and NHS must ensure it uses the expertise of the whole of the primary care workforce to support the health service.

“Today’s announcement highlights the importance of services like the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service and boosting its uptake to support patients, NHS and GPs – a key focus of our recent roundtable. I’d now look to the Government and NHS to work with professional bodies, patient groups and others across the health service on how we can build on this to include services such as supplying medicines without the need to visit a GP.

“Community pharmacy will be central to supporting the NHS recovery, including through increasing use of Pharmacist Independent Prescribers and commissioning innovative services to enhance patient care, safety and better manage demand across the NHS. Funding for implementation, education and training will be key to making this a success and I look forward to working with Government and the NHS to make this happen.

“We know how much the public value pharmacy teams and frontline staff should never have to face abuse from a small minority. I welcome the Government’s zero tolerance of abuse. Its pledge for support for staff and clear communication for the public must extend to the whole of primary care.”

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