RPS In Your Area

The way RPS connects with local members has changed

The way we connect with our members on a local level has changed. Working with our most active groups we’ve created new In Your Area pages to showcase all the support local groups provide to our members. Discover what’s In Your Area at


RPS Local groups in England are run by hardworking and dedicated volunteers who connect people in different parts of the country, enabling them to share best practice, network with peers and come together to learn about relevant topics. Previously, this was done via our online networks, but with usage falling, we decided it was time for a rethink of this system.


Over the next few months, you’ll see tweaks to improve the In Your Area experience even further, such as helping groups raise their social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook, providing opportunities to connect with local members, share thoughts, ideas and even find peers for GPhC peer discussions.


Gareth Kitson, Professional Development and Engagement lead at RPS, said, “The first step is to promote and raise the profile of our active groups. Then, we’ll start working with local groups who aren’t as active to try and help them re-energise and provide support locally.”


“We’ll be sending members emails about what’s going on locally, as well as relevant, news and items of interest relevant to them and their area. To get all this exciting news, simply go to and check your communication preference settings are set to receive emails from us.”


And what if you don’t currently have a group In Your Area? ”Don’t worry,” says Gareth, “We’re working on it. If you’d like to get involved with your local group, drop us an email on [email protected] and we’d love to help out!”