RPS National Boards commit to enabling the RPS Inclusion and Diversity strategy

The RPS recently launched an inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy for pharmacy. This has been warmly welcomed and supported by the three RPS national Boards. We really do believe that this strategy will help to lay the foundations for us to be a truly inclusive profession, reflecting our diversity and giving us all a sense of belonging.

It is only the foundations though, the beginning of a journey, with many of us starting from very different places.

As Chairs of our respective RPS national Boards, we have taken some time to reflect on where we have started from with our understanding of the often complex issues that affect inclusion, diversity and belonging in the profession that we love. We are in no doubt that we need to listen more, learn more, support / encourage more and act more.

One thing we will be making central to the RPS I&D strategy in all three countries is ensuring we create a safe space for our members and the wider profession to engage with the discussions and actions that need to happen for us to achieve our aims. Robust challenge and a kind, understanding and supportive attitude towards each other are not mutually exclusive.

Our Boards will now be actively exploring ways in which we can assist and drive forward the delivery of the RPS I&D strategy, both on a GB level and in our individual home countries. We would encourage our members across GB to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.

We promise to keep listening, keep learning, keep supporting and encouraging, keep acting and keep going. We are fully committed to the delivery of this I&D strategy for the profession.

Claire Anderson Chair of the English Pharmacy Board

Jonathan Burton Chair of the Scottish Pharmacy Board

Suzanne Scott-Thomas Chair of the Welsh Pharmacy Board.