RPS announces updated membership fees for 2021

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society today announced its new fees for all members in 2021.

The big news is a 9% saving for members joining via annual Direct Debit.

Robbie Turner, RPS Director of Member Experience, explained the changes, saying that “Pharmacists who sign up using their credit card will pay £227 for their membership in 2021. Whereas annual Direct Debit, as well as being more convenient, also works out cheaper, at just £208 for the same benefits and the same duration.”

That’s a saving of £19 over the year, available to all employed/self-employed Members, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Fellows and Associates, “Which,” said Robbie “Is particularly important to younger members of the profession – and they stand to benefit the most from membership of RPS, with access to services created to help them develop their skills in order to build a career.”

And there’s an even better deal for Pre-Registration trainees and recently qualified members:

Associate Pre-Reg members pay just £78 for their membership by annual Direct Debit (£84 if paying by credit card).

Members in their first year after qualification can join for just £104 by annual Direct Debit (£113 by credit card).

While Members in their second year after qualification can join for £156 by annual Direct Debit (£170 by credit card).

As always, student membership is completely free for the year, and there are significant discounts for members who are retired, on maternity leave, on long-term sick leave, or based outside Great Britain.

Membership fees 2021


Standard fees


Reduced fee for annual direct debit

Annual DD saving


Fellow, member, pharmaceutical scientist, associate





Preregistration associate





Discounted fees





Member – first year after qualification





Member – second year after qualification





Fellow, member, pharmaceutical scientist, associate:





·        Maternity leave





·        Retired





·        Not working





·        Long-term illness





Overseas member





Student studying for GB pharmacy degree





Student studying for non-GB pharmacy degree





Honorary Fellow, honorary member






Spread the cost of your membership


With the recent cost of living rises, we’re all making savings wherever we can – and you can do the same with your RPS membership.

Instead of paying for everything all at once, make life easier by paying monthly. After all, you use your RPS membership benefits all year round, so it makes sense to pay for them the same way.

With monthly Direct Debit, you only have a small, regular payment each month. It’s the easy way to keep practicing at your best, without making a hole in your finances!

Spread the cost of your membership - join by monthly Direct Debit today.