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RPS calls for free flu jabs for pharmacists

RPS is calling on the NHS to offer free flu jabs for all pharmacists in England and Wales following reports that pharmacy teams across primary care, including locum staff, would not be given access to free vaccinations.

Pharmacists have played a critical role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, as well as the delivery of flu vaccine, and will once again be on the frontline when administering the Covid-19 booster.

However, RPS has raised concerns with NHS bodies that despite the crucial role pharmacists play, they are not being offered a free flu vaccine to protect themselves and the public.

Community pharmacy and general practice pharmacy teams will be included in the NHS Scotland flu vaccination programme this year, and RPS now wants the situation in England and Wales reviewed urgently.  

Claire Anderson, RPS President, said: “It’s shocking that pharmacists in England and Wales, who have been on the frontline throughout this pandemic, are not eligible for free flu vaccinations to protect themselves and the public.

“As we have seen over the past eighteen months, pharmacists are not dispensable and we are therefore calling on the NHS to offer free flu vaccinations to pharmacists and pharmacy teams in both England and Wales, as is the case in Scotland.”

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