RPS responds to NHS Data Strategy survey

RPS England has responded to the NHSX survey on the draft Data Strategy for Health and Social Care.

We strongly support the development of this data strategy for England and welcome the wider sharing of data which will ensure both health and care professionals, as well as patients themselves, have access to their health and care data.

The survey offers feedback on the commitments in the strategy and their delivery, the vision statements for each chapter, and the three overall priorities which underpin the strategy.

RPS would like to see greater interoperability, a focus on workforce planning, and better use of data to drive care.

In response to the Data Strategy for Health and Social Care, RPS wants several actions:

  • We are calling for better interoperability across systems and care providers and welcome the wider sharing of, and access to, data. Having full access to information to support care is going to be critical to pharmacists as the profession moves towards more and more clinical service delivery. The ability to share information about services provided, as well as access full information, is key.
  • We want to see a coherent data strategy to realise the benefits of data-driven care for all citizens. We are asking the Government to think about how it will support existing practitioners to upskill with the necessary analytical skills to make sense of the collected data. Work is needed to provide staff with an understanding of interpretation and interrogation of data, and visions of how data can change the future of healthcare
  • The commitments also don’t mention using the data to support workforce planning across the health and social care workforce. We would like to see population health data analysed to determine the services and support needed for that population.

The survey takes around 10 - 15 minutes to complete and is open until 20 August. You can access it here.


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