Access to Tesco priority shopping

RPS is delighted that Tesco has confirmed that pharmacy teams can access priority shopping arrangements at its stores.  Following concerns from members that Tesco’s social media was suggesting otherwise, RPS contacted the supermarket to ask for clarification of its position.

An email to RPS on Friday, from the CEO’s office said: “We’re happy to confirm that we are working with our store colleagues to make the guidance clear that pharmacy workers are to be given priority access to our stores. We would just ask that they provide a valid form of ID.  Any form that you have suggested will be fine.

“Thank you for all the hard work you and all other pharmacy and key workers are doing right now.”

Morrisons, Asda and now Tesco have all confirmed that pharmacy teams can access their priority arrangements. A letter that can be used by those who do not have a staff ID can be found here.


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