Press Release

All Party Pharmacy Group supports read write access to patient records

In response to the campaign for pharmacists to have read-write access the full patient health record, the Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron, Chair of the All Party Pharmacy Group said:

“Pharmacists and pharmacy teams need to have read-write access to patient records if we are to deliver high quality, joined-up care to patients.  Without this kind of information sharing and collaboration among health professionals the NHS will struggle to achieve the efficiency gains it needs.   

"The All-Party Pharmacy Group has consistently pressed for this.  It was one of the vital actions we called on the new government to implement in our 'First 100 Days' plan after the election.  We're encouraged that a first step has been taken in introducing access to the Summary Care Record.  That is welcome, but we need to go further and introduce read-write access to the patient record so that pharmacists can play their full part in delivering high quality care to patients. The sooner we do it, the better for patients and the NHS.   
"We are meeting Health Minister Alistair Burt MP very soon and this will be among the high priority issues that we will be raising with him.”