Apply now for the 2016 Royal Pharmaceutical Society Science Award

Applications are invited for the 2016 Royal Pharmaceutical Society Science Award.
The winner will receive a Commemorative Award, £1,000 in prize money and an invitation to present the RPS Award Lecture on their work at the 7th Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences International PharmSci Conference on the 7th September 2016.
Applications are welcome from scientists world-wide who are working in a pharmaceutical or allied discipline in industry or academia. With up to 10 years experience at post-doctoral level in September 2016, applicants must have a proven record of independent research and published work that shows outstanding promise. 
 Applicants are invited to submit the following details by 20th May 2016:
Full CV detailing personal information, past and present appointments, research responsibilities and published work. 
List of research students who have worked for the applicant and their thesis titles and dates, plus any other instances of research         collaborations 
Details of research grants awarded and the candidate’s role 
Invitations to speak at conferences in the UK and overseas, lecture or symposium titles and names of awards 
A brief resume of two pages should also be submitted with the CV, indicating discoveries made.  Please note copies of             publications are not required. 
 Applications should be made by 20th May 2016 preferably by email ([email protected]) or by post to: 
Jayne Lawrence, Chief Science Advisor
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
66 East Smithfield, London, E1W 1AW