Are you accessing Summary Care Records?

The Summary Care Record (SCR) helps pharmacists treat patients both more effectively and efficiently, which in return improves patient care.

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be sharing helpful information and resources about SCRs through the RPS social media channels. If you want to know how to access the SCR, what the benefits to patients and pharmacies are, when to use it….Follow @rpharms and we will help you with the answers! 

Currently 15% of community pharmacies in England have SCR access. In 92% of patient interventions where SCR has been accessed, the pharmacist was able to help the patient without a referral to an alternative NHS service. 

If you are already using SCR in your pharmacy why don’t you share with us how this access has helped you, via Twitter.

The implementation of SCRs into community pharmacy was commissioned last year by NHS England. To read more about the SCR visit the Health and Social Care Information Centre and the RPS Support pages.