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Chair of RPS in England Thorrun Govind has followed up the RPS survey released today showing that the cost of living is having a real impact on patients’ ability to afford their prescription medicines with a round of media interviews.

Just over half of community pharmacists in England who responded to the survey said they’ve seen an increase in the last six months in patients asking them which medicines on their prescription they can 'do without', or not collecting their prescriptions because of cost.

RPS is part of the Prescription Charges Coalition, a group of 50 organisations calling on the Government to scrap prescription charges for people with long-term conditions in England.

Thorrun fronted numerous interviews today including BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC Breakfast, BBC local radio stations and ITV lunchtime news, where she advocated for patients struggling to afford their medicines and the role of pharmacists in helping them. Calling prescription charges ‘an unfair tax on the sick’, she said patients in England should have parity with those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where prescriptions are free.

Watch the interview on BBC Breakfast:


Listen to Thorrun on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme:


Watch the ITV news interview:

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