Celebrating 70 years of NHS pharmacy

Today the National Health Service is celebrating its 70th birthday.

Ash Soni, President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said: 

“Pharmacists have played a vital role in providing NHS services since the very beginning. As science, technology and research have rapidly advanced, so has the role of the pharmacist. Over the course of my career there has been a significant shift in the tasks performed by pharmacists, as research has evolved and diseases and conditions have become more complex.

“Pharmacists are more highly educated than ever before, and an increasing number of us now prescribe medicines. Our services are becoming ever more integrated across the NHS. Now is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all of our pharmacists and teams who have worked so hard to support the NHS over this transformative 70-year period.

“The expectations of the public have changed, and they now look to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for guidance on all aspects of their medicines, illnesses and lifestyle.   As medicines become increasingly complex and healthcare services are reconfigured to involve pharmacists more and more, the true value of our expertise is being recognised called on as never before.

“We have a lot to celebrate, but we also have a lot of exciting changes to look forward to. There will be personalised medicines and genomics in the not-too-distant future.  Routine, individual point of care testing will be rolled out to ensure these medicines work effectively.

“These kind of services and others yet to come can be provided within the pharmacy setting, enabling other NHS services to develop to their potential too. Our constantly evolving profession will be at the forefront of any service providing medicines, and pharmacists will finally receive the recognition they deserve, as everyday heroes within the NHS.”