Chair of RPS England elected

Sandra Gidley has been elected as Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society English Pharmacy Board

Sandra Gidley (left above) has been elected as Chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) English Pharmacy Board for a tenure of two years and for a third term.

Sharon “Sibby” Buckle (right) was elected as Vice-Chair of the Board for a tenure of two years.

David Carter, Sultan “Sid” Dajani, Mahendra Patel and Ashok Soni alongside the Chair, Vice Chair and sitting President Martin Astbury were elected to the RPS Assembly. 

Following her re-election Sandra said:
“I am looking forward to working with the whole of the Board and RPS team to deliver on our ambition for a greater role for pharmacists across healthcare.

"I recognise that for both hospital and community pharmacists, recent reforms and funding reductions have had a big impact on meeting this ambition. The English Pharmacy Board will not shy away for asking for investment in both community and hospital pharmacy as we know both of these services are vital to the health of the public. I am proud of our track record in improving the number and variety of roles available to pharmacists; the £112million investment in GP Pharmacists is testament to our ability to create change. We have seen, as a result of lobbying and partnership working, £7.5million invested in community pharmacy access to summary care records.

"We know much more needs to be done and will ensure that the new Government sees the benefit of a sustainable network of community pharmacies in the coming year. This is equally important to the board as the development of hospital pharmacy and new roles for example in care homes and urgent care.”

Following the elections, the board affirmed its support for pharmacists from the EU living and working in the UK. 

The Board received a presentation from Tom Byrne, Secretary General of the British Pharmacy Students’ Association. The board pledged to respond to the aspirations of the BPSA and make sure they are involved in decisions around development and training of pharmacists.