Channel 5 News talks to RPS about NHS workforce report

18 May 2016

A new report from the Nuffield Trust health think-tank today urges the NHS to equip pharmacists, nurses community and support staff with additional skills to deliver care in order to increase capacity in the service.

Responding to the report, Reshaping the workforce to deliver the care patients need, RPS English Board Chair Sandra Gidley said:
“This report seizes on what we’ve advocated for a long time – that the skills, knowledge and training that pharmacists and other NHS staff have must be better utilized to create better care for patients.
“Pharmacists can help manage the growing burden of chronic disease and bridge some of the workforce gaps in primary care.  This is clearly evidenced every day by the excellent work community pharmacists do to support patients and by those taking on new roles in GP surgeries and care homes.  What’s vital is that the right professional does the right job, and pharmacists should be involved whenever medicines are involved in patient care.
“The future for all pharmacists lies in greater integration with the primary care team, something we have all wanted for so long, in whatever setting it takes place. The traditional roles of all health professionals are changing to meet the needs of patients and pharmacists are among the pioneers here.”
Pharmacist Ravi Sharma, who works in a GP surgery, talked to Channel 5 News about his role as part of the multidisciplinary team: 

Watch Ravi Sharma on Channel 5 News