Chronic Conditions in Wales - Call for Good Practice

05 Jul 2016

In September 2015 the Royal Pharmaceutical Society launched our policy vision for Wales, Steps to Better Health and Wellbeing. It was developed in preparation for the election to the National Assembly for Wales in May and highlighted the untapped opportunities to increase patient access to health care services that the pharmacy profession offers. One of our call was to establish a pharmacy-led Welsh Chronic Medication Service. In light of this, the Welsh Pharmacy Board and the RPS Wales team are developing a policy on Chronic Conditions Management in Wales.

The Welsh Pharmacy Board firmly believes that pharmacists should be fully integrated into multidisciplinary models of care ensuring that all prescribing and medicines management decisions include input from a pharmacist. In order to develop a robust policy, we are seeking examples of best practice.

Do you run clinics for patients with long term chronic conditions? Are you part of a multidisciplinary team managing chronic conditions? Are you an independent prescriber with a patient caseload? If you are able to contribute to the development of this policy through providing information about your role, we would love to hear from you.

Please send any information or examples to [email protected]