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Controlled drugs: Mandatory requisition forms and new HO approved wording

13 Nov 2015

Home Office Circular: Approved mandatory requisition form for Schedule 2 and 3 controlled drugs and new Home Office approved wording for instalment prescribing

The Home Office has issued a Circular highlighting two changes affecting controlled drugs.

Controlled drug requisition requirements
From 30 November 2015, amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 will make the use of an approved form for the requisitioning of Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs in the community mandatory. This applies to both requisitions for human and for veterinary use.

For England there is a new approved requisition form in electronic format that is available on the NHS Business Services Authority website. This replaces the form that is currently used in England. Scotland and Wales will continue to use the forms under their existing arrangements.

Further information can be found in the Home Office Circular and our Controlled Drugs Requisition Requirements guidance.

New Home Office approved wording for instalment prescribing
The Home Office has introduced a new set of approved wording for instalment prescribing. This new set of wording is shorter in length and more flexible than the current set of approved wording. The expectation is that prescribers will take steps to move from using the old approved wording to the new set of approved wording in the coming months.

The Home Office recognise that it will take time for the introduction of the new wording to be implemented and so all legal prescriptions which incorporate the old wording clearly establishing the intentions of the prescriber should continue to be accepted and dispensed as is currently the case, unless in the professional judgment of the pharmacist there are reasons why these prescriptions should not be accepted.

Further information, including the new set of wording can be found in the Home Office Circular.