Coronavirus: Supporting You

The steps we're taking to help

We are now in a rapidly changing phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pharmacists are doing a phenomenal job facing up to the increasing demands and challenges put in front of them to help support the public and the NHS.

We’ve been listening to what you’ve told us and are already taking action. 

Supporting our members, the wider profession and the public around Covid-19 is now our priority. We are working on an urgent action plan to make sure we deliver what’s needed.

This means we will stop our activities that are not related to coronavirus, freeing up our teams to make sure we provide the support that’s required.

We will:

  • Stop all face-to-face events. If you have made a booking with us, our events team will contact you. We will turn them into new online events, prioritising those such as our pre-reg courses, which help students prepare for their exams
  • Increase our member support service at this challenging time. You can contact us on 0845 257 2570; [email protected] 
  • Develop additional support and resources for you in consultation with the NHS, Governments, expert groups and other stakeholders
  • Update our coronavirus page regularly so you have all the latest essential information
  • Continue taking your suggestions about what’s needed for frontline pharmacists.

We know you are working flat out and are proud of the profession’s response. We will support you in every way we can.


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