Developing the pharmaceutical science workforce

The UK pharmaceutical industry is reliant on a highly skilled and qualified workforce.  Pharmaceutical Science in the UK has a long and excellent record of medicines research and development, being at the forefront of many advances in modern medicines.  With the challenges faced by Brexit and the building of the UK’s industrial strategy, investment needs to be encouraged in developing the pharmaceutical science workforce which includes pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists. This thought leadership paper produced by the RPS’s Pharmaceutical Science Expert Advisory Panel is asking for:


  1. The General Pharmaceutical Council to receive advice on what the science content of the MPharm curriculum should be and input to the revision of the initial education and training standards for pharmacists.
  2. Increased funding of PhDs, post-doctoral posts and fellowships in pharmaceutical science. 
  3. The gaps in the skills base for QPs and pharmacy formulation to be addressed utilising the pharmacist and pharmaceutical science workforces.


You can read the full paper on developing the pharmaceutical science workforce here.