Disclosure of payments to pharmacists by pharmaceutical companies

14 Jun 2016
The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) will be launching a database which discloses payments made to UK healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs)  on the 30th June 2016.
This work is part of an Europe-wide initiative to improve openness and transparency and the UK database will publish details of ‘transfers of value’ from pharmaceutical industry to HCPs and HCOs including:
  • Event registration fees
  • Event travel and accommodation costs           
  • Fees and expenses for consultancy or services
  • Payments for research and development activities
  • Payments for activities such as sponsorship of programmes and initiatives
Initially the data will cover 2015 ‘transfers of value’, however it is intended to be a live database and will be updated on an ongoing basis by ABPI. The database will also include aggregate data in some circumstances. 
Members and HCOs for whom ABPI have received payment data will have received communications from ABPI so that they can log-in and view the data in advance.  
RPS President Ash Soni said:
“I strongly support greater transparency around payments made by the pharmaceutical industry to health professionals and healthcare organisations.  This new database is a step in the journey towards greater openness and accountability in the relationships between industry and the health professions.
“Collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry is essential to driving innovation in medicines. It is important it’s fully understood that working with industry ultimately helps drive patient care. Lack of transparency and understanding contributes to lack of confidence in the healthcare professions and their interaction with industry.
“Payments made to me will be available to see on the database and I urge pharmacists to participate in this initiative and allow disclosure to further build the trust between us and our patients.”