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Drug safety update: Topical miconazole interactions with warfarin

21 Jun 2016
Drug safety update: Topical miconazole, including oral gel: reminder of potential for serious interactions with warfarin

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a drug safety update reminding healthcare professionals of the potential for serious interactions between topical miconazole, including oral gel and warfarin.  
The MHRA are currently reviewing available data for this interaction to determine whether further measures are required to minimise the risks to patients. This review follows a coroner’s report of a death, which may have been partly due to the coadministration of miconazole oral gel and warfarin.

Further details of the update are available on the MHRA website.
For further information see the RPS quick reference guide Supporting patients on oral anticoagulants which was produced for pharmacists who are involved in the care of patients who take oral anticoagulants.