Essential Guide to Community Pharmacy Practice: Preparing for day one

Feedback from community pharmacists suggests that their first day of practice can be an exciting but daunting experience. 

We have produced an Essential Guide for pharmacists who are preparing for their first day of practice in community pharmacy including those who are newly qualified, changing from another sector to community, and those returning to practice after a period of absence.  
Feedback from our members who can recall their personal experiences of their first day have helped to develop this resource.

This guidance provides professional and practical considerations, advice and signposting to essential resources to help prepare for their first day of practice.

It aims to help prepare pharmacists for their first day of practice so that they can truly enjoy the experience and focus on demonstrating the knowledge, skills and behaviours they have acquired during their pharmacy degree, pre-registration training year or pharmacy career to date. 
The guidance can be found on several sections of our website including Pharmacy Practice, Foundation Practice, Return to Practice and Community Pharmacy.