Essential guides for career development coming soon

We will soon be launching our Top Ten Essential Guides for Your Career Development to support the professional development of pharmacists at all stages of their career.

The ten guides are:

  1. RPS Professional development for every stage of your career
    This guide outlines the RPS professional development programme, including the Foundation Programme and the Faculty. Both are designed to provide ongoing support, development and recognition for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and support advancement.
  2. Why is professional development important?
    This guide examines the ongoing challenge of delivering high quality health and social care to an ageing society with increasingly complex healthcare needs in fiscally challenging times. It outlines the need to develop flexible yet robust systems for support, development and recognition of advancement in a constantly changing healthcare environment.
  3. Getting started with the RPS development programmes
    This is a practical guide about how to get started with the RPS professional development programmes including Faculty, Foundation, as well as mentoring and other RPS support that is available to you throughout your journey
  4. Portfolio development and support
    This guide explains how to build a Foundation or a Faculty portfolio, the frameworks underpinning these, practical guidance on portfolio data entry and how to monitor your progress. 
  5. RPS assessments: the principles and outcomes
    This guide focuses on the Foundation and Faculty assessment processes, including detail around how the RPS ensures quality and consistency across all elements of assessment.
  6. Continuing Professional Development, Continuing Fitness to Practise, the GPhC and Faculty/Foundation
    This section aims to provide detail on how the RPS supports your continuous improvement at all stages of your career and ensures you are fully supported for CPD as we move towards CFtP and Continuous Improvement.
  7. Guidance for Assessors
    This guide provides information about Foundation and Faculty assessors.
  8. RPS Accreditation Programme
    This guide outlines the RPS accreditation programme – how and why we award a quality mark, our logo, to training and education programmes, materials, resources and events. 
  9. RPS and Affiliated Partners
    The RPS works in partnership with organisations, both within the profession and outside of the profession, across GB and internationally, to ensure the purpose and vision of the RPS is realised for the profession, patient care and public health.  You can find out more about our affiliated partners in this guide. 
  10. How Professional Development links to your career
    This resource will help you identify the most appropriate RPS Developmental framework, RPS ultimate and essential guides for your career aspiration.

The essential guides also include guidance around Faculty assessments, as well as the final assessment process for Foundation pharmacists - the award of a Certificate of Completion of Foundation Training.

If you have any questions about the essential guides, please get in touch with us by emailing