Four new and updated support resources

New and updated resources on asthma, U&E care, and emergency supply.

We’ve developed or updated a number of resources on asthma, urgent and emergency care, and emergency supply to help you provide the best care for your patients.


Emergency supply mythbuster and guidance

We’ve updated our emergency supply guidance and also created a handy emergency supply mythbuster.

The mythbuster helps to remove two myths around emergency supply, like the GPhC or your employer may not approve the supply. It encourages the pharmacist to focus on making the right decision regarding an emergency supply.

Ultimate guide for pharmacists working in urgent and emergency care

Our brand new ultimate guide to support pharmacists working in or with urgent and emergency care is now live. It will be useful for those thinking of a career in U&E care or for those already working in this area. This guide is relevant to pharmacists working in the following urgent and emergency care settings:

  • Community pharmacy
  • Emergency department and urgent and acute care
  • NHS 111, NHS 24 and NHS Direct Wales
  • Ambulance services
  • Integrated urgent care clinical hubs
  • Urgent care resource hubs
  • GP practices and out of hours services
  • Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard Sites

Supporting patients with asthma quick reference guide

We’ve worked with UKCPA to update our supporting patients with asthma quick reference guide. The guide is useful for all pharmacists who are involved in delivering services and providing care to people with asthma.

This updated resource provides you with a brief summary of asthma, and its causes and triggers. It will also explain how pharmacists can support people with asthma to improve management of symptoms and medicines adherence.