Have your say on the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use

We want to hear your views on the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use.

Legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use is an issue which regularly features in the mainstream UK media and any change in law and policy will have implications for pharmacists. There is cross party support within the UK Parliaments to allow the use of cannabis to treat a variety of medical conditions and several representative UK medical bodies and other advocacy groups have signalled support for a change in the legal status of cannabis.

The RPS Pharmaceutical Science Expert Advisory Panel and others have proposed that the Home Office should move Cannabis out of Schedule 1 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. A listing in Schedule 1 indicates that a drug has absolutely no therapeutic value and re-scheduling the drug would enable scientists to more easily undertake research on the short and long term effects of cannabis use and allow pharmacists and doctors to possess and supply the drug to their patients.

We're really interested to hear the views of our members on this subject and we'd welcome your replies and comments to our survey. The survey will be open until 12pm on 31 July, and should take you no more than five minutes to complete.

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