Have your say on the new guidance for the prescribers of Specials

We are currently updating guidance for the prescribers of Specials, and would like to invite comments on our draft guidance.

In 2012 the National Prescribing Centre and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published guidance for the prescribers of Specials in any care setting. Specials are a category of unlicensed medicines (i.e. medicines without marketing authorisations from the European Union or the UK) that are manufactured or procured to meet the special clinical needs of an individual patient, they can only be prescribed when there is no licenced medicine which fully meets the patient's needs.

At the request of NICE, we are updating and publishing the guidance on behalf of all the prescribing professions and are keen to ensure that prescribers, and their representative bodies and regulators, as well as patients have the opportunity to comment on the updated guidance.

If you have any comments on the draft guidance please send them to Rebecca Braybrooks by Monday 14 December 2015.
Please state as part of the response whether you are responding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.