Healthy Living Pharmacies- revised Quality Criteria

05 Aug 2016

Public Health England has launched a revised set of Quality Criteria, which define the requirements for a pharmacy to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP). 

These Quality Criteria, and compliance with them, will form part of the profession-led self-assessment process of becoming a Level 1 HLP. They include requirements around workforce development, engagement with others and the pharmacy environment. 

Any community pharmacy in England therefore now has the opportunity to develop and become an HLP by meeting the requirements set out in the Quality Criteria. The revised criteria also means that there will be nationally consistent entry into the HLP quality mark. 

The concept of Healthy Living Pharmacies was developed in 2009 with the first HLPs being accredited in 2010. The HLP concept is aimed at achieving consistent delivery of a broad range of high quality services through community pharmacies to improve health and well-being and to reduce health inequalities. All HLPs have at least one Health Champion, a specially trained member of staff, who is proactive in promoting health and well-being and signposting the public to appropriate services. 

RPS English Pharmacy Board member Deborah Evans said: “It is becoming increasingly important that pharmacies continue to develop their professional practice and commissioners are increasingly looking for reassurances that pharmacies are willing and able to deliver health promotional advice and health and wellbeing services, which can be achieved by becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy”. 

The Quality Criteria are underpinned by the RPS Professional Standards for Public Health Practice in Pharmacy.

More information on the revised Quality Criteria.