Help inform our response to the review of health and social care in Wales

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The Welsh Government has announced a major and independent review into the long term future of health and social care in Wales.

The Parliamentary Review, a manifesto commitment of the Welsh Labour Government, is being undertaken to define the key issues facing health and social care, to identify where change is needed and to set out a vision for the future. The Review has the cross-party support of the National Assembly for Wales and is set in the context of the current pressures on services, the demographic challenges facing services now and those projected for the future, and the question of financial sustainability.

The Review is likely to have far reaching implications for the future shape of health and social care services in Wales and a panel has been set up to make recommendations to the Welsh Government by the end of the year on the future delivery of services in Wales. Chaired by Dr Ruth Hussey OBE, the panel consists of thought leaders in the field of health and social care and includes Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB, Professor Don Berwick, Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE and Nigel Edwards.

A call for evidence has been issued by the Review Panel and the Welsh Pharmacy Board will be contributing evidence and insight to ensure the pharmacy profession is well represented in this important work. Contributions are welcomed from all RPS Members in Wales and across GB, as the Review is considering evidence and good practice from across GB as well as internationally. Members are encouraged to complete an RPS online survey to put forward their views to inform the RPS response to the Review. Any evidence or examples of innovative pharmacy practice in Wales, Scotland, England or internationally that could be replicated and considered by this Review would be particularly welcomed.

To contribute to this review, please complete the online survey by 9 April.