Help us Help You: new pharmacy advice campaign

On 4 February, NHS England is launching a ‘Pharmacy Advice’ campaign under the overarching brand ‘Help Us Help You’.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage the public to use their local pharmacy as their first choice of healthcare setting for clinical advice for minor health concerns such as coughs, colds, stomach problems and aches and pains. The campaign will help to further build the public’s trust and confidence in community pharmacists and the pharmacy team as providers of care, and ensure minor illnesses are effectively managed in the right place.

A printed set of branded resources has been sent this week to all community pharmacies in England.  The pack includes a double-sided window sticker, wobblers, poster, information cards and a dispenser.

You can make the most of these resources by:

• Prominently displaying the materials in your pharmacy, in the window and alongside relevant over-the-counter products

• Using the information card to remind your customers to visit your pharmacy next time they need clinical advice about a minor health concern

• Ensuring all staff members are briefed ahead of the campaign to ensure that they are fully aware and, where appropriate, are ready to offer clinical advice for people with everyday minor health concerns.

There are a range of additional free resources available to order or download. To access these resources and register for regular updates on campaigns, visit the Campaign Resource Centre.