Helping you put your inclusion and wellbeing pledge into action

We’ve created a set of ideas to help individuals, teams and organisation put our inclusion and wellbeing pledge into action.

They range from practical short-term steps like knowing where to signpost colleagues for help, to implementing daily staff huddles and initiating cultural awareness training. Sections cover how to be a good ally, a more authentic leader and provide more inclusive patient care. There is also a list of blogs, books, videos and podcasts to help those who have pledged to take their next steps.

RPS Head of Professional Belonging Amandeep Doll said: “Putting the pledge into action needn’t be complicated and you don’t have to change everything at once. If you’re not sure where to start, our new resource is bursting with ideas and information to help you. And if you’re already immersed in improving your workplace culture, there are plenty of suggestions for you too.”

Our Pledge for Inclusion and Wellbeing is one step on a journey making the profession more inclusive and ensuring that everyone’s wellbeing is supported. Whether you’ve signed the pledge or not, everyone is welcome to join our Action in Belonging Culture and Diversity group  and our RPS Workforce Wellbeing Action Group to talk through ideas to create change in pharmacy.

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