High Court ruling on HIV drug PrEP

Following a High Court ruling that NHS England can fund the HIV prevention drug, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), RPS spokesperson on HIV medicines Heather Leake Date said: “I am delighted that the High Court have ruled that NHS England can fund “PreP”. I hope and expect that NHS England will now make a quick decision about funding this very effective medicine. People with undiagnosed HIV infection are much more likely to pass on the virus, so PrEP not only reduces the risk of infection for individuals but will also further reduce infection levels in the whole population, leading to fewer HIV cases overall.

"We already have national guidelines on how to use PrEP in the most cost-effective way, targeting those who will benefit most from it.

Heather adds: "The HIV Pharmacy Association (HIVPA) calls on NHS England to expedite a decision and make PrEP available for people who need it at the earliest opportunity.”