How could community pharmacy be better supported to carry out research?

Enabling pharmacists to engage in research and to develop the appropriate skills to lead, participate and deliver research studies is a core part of our research activities. We work with UK partners to ensure a coordinated approach to supporting research aim to reduce duplication and waste to provide a streamlined an effective service to all members.

We are now looking to actively engage with community pharmacy in order to build capacity for research across the UK and to tap into the rich and varied scientific and clinical expertise offered by community pharmacists.
In our efforts to promote, encourage and develop research carried out within and by community pharmacies we are asking our members and networks to help us better understand your research aspirations and the barriers you may be encountering in relation to research.

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As part of the RPS Research Ready Community Pharmacy programme we have developed a short survey in collaboration with the North West Primary Care Pharmacy Research Group and the Community Pharmacy Research Champions of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) to investigate research activity in community pharmacy.

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