How pharmacy teams battled the snow and won

Pharmacists went the extra mile - or more - to deliver services to patients during the snowy weather

Reflecting on the often heroic efforts pharmacists and their teams have made to help patients during the recent snow, RPS President Ash Soni said:

“I’d like to say a very heart-felt thank you to colleagues up and down the country in all sectors who have proudly ensured their pharmacies stayed open to provide vital services and life-saving medicines for patients during the snowy weather.

“Our colleague, pharmacist Jon Campbell, who works at Old School Pharmacy in Bristol, is just one example of pharmacists across all sectors who have literally ‘gone the extra mile’ to help patients.

“Jon walked six miles into work on Friday and three of his team also walked long distances to get in.

“In the afternoon Jon sent the rest of his staff home but stayed on to ensure urgent prescriptions were dispensed.  His pre-reg student delivered medicines on foot to a patient whilst at 5.30pm Jon closed up and walked 1.5miles to provide essential medicines to a vulnerable patient in a nursing home.  After that he walked another six miles home.”

“The way that colleagues in all sectors have come together to help patients and each other highlights once again what dedicated individuals work in this profession and I’m very proud to represent them.”