How to become an Antibiotic Guardian

There are few public health issues of greater importance than antimicrobial resistance in terms of impact on society globally. The rapid spread of drug resistant bacteria means that we could be close to reaching a point where we may not be able to prevent everyday infections or diseases. Changing the way we use antibiotics and developing new ones is a huge priority for public health.
The RPS is committed to an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance
Community pharmacy teams are invited to participate in European Antibiotics Awareness Week (EAAW) which runs from 14th – 20th November, World Antibiotic Awareness Day, 18th November and the ongoing Antibiotic Guardian campaign 2016, by registering their premises to lead promotional activities. Please complete the online registration form by 07 November 2016. Registration takes less than five minutes.
There are range of resources freely available for use to support local and social media campaigns, and CPPE is leading an Antibiotic Learning Campaign with an opportunity for pharmacy colleagues to earn an Antibiotic Guardian Pharmacy Champion Badge. PSNC has distributed a poster produced by Public Health England in collaboration with pharmacy organisations, to all community pharmacy contractors in October’s Community Pharmacy News (CPN) for pharmacies to display to increase awareness of the Antibiotic Guardian campaign amongst their patients.
WePharmacists (#WePH) will also be co-hosting a Twitter chat on 15th November 2016, starting at 8pm, on antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the Antibiotic Guardian campaign and the role of pharmacy teams in tackling AMR.
 Guardian campaign, which was launched in September 2014, has now seen over 32,800 individuals(public and healthcare professionals) become Antibiotic Guardians. Evaluation of the campaign has highlighted that it is effective for changing behaviour and increasing knowledge.
Pharmacists have access to 1 million people a day. Being in direct contact with patients on daily basis, pharmacists are well placed to educate the public on taking their medicine safely and effectively. Help us spread the word!