ITV's Good Morning Britain and RPS investigate dangerous diet drug DNP

01 Sep 2015

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has worked with ITV’s Good Morning Britain to test a batch of DNP, the so-called slimming drug bought online by people wanting to lose weight. Results revealed exclusively on the programme showed it to be highly dangerous to health.

Watch the clip here:

Watch RPS on Good Morning Britain


Industrial chemical DNP (2,4, dinitrophenol) is a herbicide unfit for human consumption and was the subject of a recent Interpol alert in 190 countries.
Analysis for Good Morning Britain by Dr. Cristina Legido-Quigley of King’s College, London, found the capsules of DNP purchased by the programme contained 21% more of the active ingredient than stated on the packet.  
Cristina said: “This is a huge dose of DNP, it could result in fatal poisoning. DNP speeds up your metabolism and with a large amount you can literally over-heat and die as a result.
Professor Jayne Lawrence, RPS Chief Scientist said: “These shocking results demonstrate very clearly that if you buy DNP from the internet you are dicing with death.
“Research is ongoing into medicines for weight loss but there is no legal, safe drug that’s going to help you magically shed the pounds.
“If you want to lose weight, stay safe by staying off the internet.  You just don’t know what you are buying and the products can be very dangerous, even lethal.  
“Talk to a health professional like a pharmacist or doctor to get good advice on how best to lose weight instead and get a sensible diet plan.  Above all, don’t take DNP.”