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Transfer of care pilot in Jersey aims to reduce hospital readmissions

A six month pilot with pharmacists in Jersey aims to reduce the number of discharged patients being re-admitted to hospital.

The Transfer of Care scheme, which is running from January-June, gives patients leaving hospital information about their medicines with support from pharmacists through a discharge medicines review.

An audit last year in Jersey revealed that 13% of re-admissions within six weeks were because of mistakes in how medicine was taken.

Research by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society shows that:

• The likelihood that an elderly medical patient being discharged on the same medicines that they were admitted on is less than 10%

• Up to 40% of medicines are discontinued during hospitalisation

• 45% of prescriptions at discharge are new medicines

• 60% of patients have three or more medicines changed during their hospital stay.

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RPS President Ash Soni spoke to ITV News in Jersey about the scheme: