Join our careers tweet chat at 8pm on Monday 12 October

The landscape of pharmacy and the roles of pharmacists are rapidly changing and pharmacists qualifying today need to be adaptable, flexible and have an understanding of the changes taking place and the support that they can access.

We are hosting a We Pharmacists tweet chat at 8pm on Monday 12 October and will be joined by RPS members from across the profession to discuss:

  • What jobs are available to pharmacists aside from working in community or hospital?
  • What’s the best way to go about changing sector?
  • What does the job market of the future look like for pharmacists?
  • How can the RPS Foundation Programme support my career development?

How do I take part?

  • Make sure you’re registered on Twitter (if not, you can sign up at, and login before the chat is due to start.
  • Head over to the We Communities website a few minutes before the chat is due to start.
    Click on the ‘Chat Now’ button at the top of the page and select the tweet chat you want to join - in this case, WePharmacists.
  • You will see a stream of moving tweets on the left of the page which will update as people tweet. To get involved, simply click where it says "Tweet #WePh"  and type your message in the box, then press Tweet.
  • Remember to use #WePh in your tweets so that they appear in the feed.

We will be joined by colleagues across the profession, including those working in GP practices and the army. Find out who will be taking part, and make sure you get the tweet chat in your diary – 8pm on Monday 12 October