Lancet statins report good news says RPS

Consultant pharmacist in cardiovascular medicine and RPS spokesperson Helen Williams talked to BBC Radio Five Live, BBC World and BBC Radio London today about cholesterol-busting statins.

A major review published today in the Lancet looked at the available evidence for the effects of taking an average 40mg daily dose of statins in 10,000 patients over five years. It concluded that the benefits of statins are underestimated and the harms far less than previously thought, with relatively few people experiencing side effects.


Helen explained that negative publicity in the past has deterred some patients from taking statins, but that if  just 1% of people stop taking their statin the result will be 2,000 more heart attacks and strokes over the next 10 years, but only 1,000 muscle problems will have been avoided.

Listen to Helen's BBC Radio Five Live interview here: