Legal highs now banned

26 May 2016

Responding to the Psychoactive Substances Act  coming into force today which introduces a blanket ban on legal highs, Chief Scientist for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Professor Jayne Lawrence said: 

“Legal highs are dangerous and potentially lethal.  You don’t know what you are buying, or how strong they might be, meaning harm and overdose are much more likely, especially when these chemicals are injected or combined with alcohol or drugs. Their impact on individuals in terms of illness and addiction can be severe leading to poisoning, mental health problems, emergency hospital admissions and in some cases, death.
“Now they are outlawed, the spurious term ‘legal high’ will no longer give a badge of legitimacy to them or to those who sell them.
“Some individuals will continue to buy them regardless of the change in the law.  What’s needed is better education and awareness around these chemicals combined with accessible treatment and recovery services in order to reduce their use and the harm they cause."