Press Release

LPF events to support community pharmacists following announced funding cut

The RPS is holding a series of Local Pharmacy Forum (LPF) meetings over the next few weeks to enable pharmacists to learn more details about the announced 6% cut in funding to the community pharmacy contractual framework in England.

LPF meetings are being held at locations around the country and are free for members to attend. Many of the meetings are also open to non RPS members. They are designed to inform the profession on the impact of the changes and provide an opportunity to provide answers to some of the questions pharmacists might have. 

All of these events will supply the latest news on the changes and detail how the RPS is supporting the profession through this difficult time. They will also include updates from the Department of Health as they become available, including information about new funding opportunities being set up as part of the changes.

Chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board Sandra Gidley said: “I would urge all community pharmacists to attend their local LPF meeting to learn about the impact of the changes and how the RPS can help. We want the profession to be fully aware of how this is likely to affect them and what the Government’s ambition for the future of pharmacy is. The Government has said that funding is being made available to the profession to develop clinical pharmaceutical services as part of the changes. We want to ensure community pharmacists seize this opportunity and make the case for more pharmacy based services.”

Find out more about ‘Community Pharmacy in 2016/17 and beyond’ LPF events happening in your area on the RPS website.

Use this link to access the Royal Pharmaceutical Society response to Community Pharmacy in 2016/17 and beyond proposals.

More information on the community pharmacy funding changes and what the RPS is doing to support the profession.